Giant roller track, bar and snacks: a new concept with an American atmosphere is opening soon in Lorraine

The opening of Roller Disco 88, in Chavelot, is scheduled for mid-July (© Roller Disco 88)

Roller skating is back in fashion in France, whether with derby (sport on skates), dancing or in skate parks. He made his debut in Chavelot, in the Vosges, with “Roller Disco 88”, launched by Clémentine Bernardi and her companion Adriano Canteri.

The concept is resolutely American. It mixes roller skating rink, bar, or even shops.

The inauguration is scheduled for July 13, with officials, and the opening to the public after the weekend of July 14.

A concept born of the pandemic

The concept was born in the context of the pandemic. Clémentine Bernardi and her companion, managers of the Les Moulins Bleus restaurant in Epinal, have had to face, like their colleagues, repeated closures and curfews.

The sector is doing badly. However, they note on the other side of the street the swarm of life and customers of the nearby bowling alley. Something to ask yourself a few questions… and above all to give yourself the momentum to embark on a new project.

After a few clicks on the net, Clémentine and Adriano get their idea: it will be a roller disco track. The atmosphere ? Very lively, with the movement of the skaters who evolve on an oval track in rhythm with the music, and above all very American.

Roller, bar and food on the go

Put on your skates for 2.90 euros, or bring your own! And enter the 330 m² track for 4 euros (and 2 euros for children). Skates will also be available for sale. If, during the week, the skates will turn on playlists, on the weekend, on the other hand, DJs will be present. On the music side: “There will be everything, and theme evenings”.

Videos: currently on Actu

On site, it will be possible to enjoy the bar, on a space adjoining the track of 15 m². And to eat, on the outskirts of the crowd. “We have a cell with high tables and sofas, where typically American snacking will be offered. Like vanilla, cherry, or other original flavored Cokes, white chocolate KitKats, Hot Dogs, Pringles, Jell-O, jerky, etc. These products will also be available in the grocery store”, detail Adriano and Clémentine. American immersion promises to be total.

The space dedicated to the track will be 300 m², in these premises purchased by the two owners of Roller Disco 88
The space dedicated to the track will be 300 m², in these premises purchased by the two owners of Roller Disco 88 (© Roller Disco 88)

Roller Disco 88 intends to diversify its activity

“To satisfy everyone, we also have an area with arcade terminals and a pool table. A room that can be privatized is planned for company meetings or birthdays, ”presents the couple.

Children will be welcome since contacts have already been made with summer camps and schools for the reception of school children, mainly during the week.

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