Get rid of mosquitoes with soap: it creates a barrier


  • In France, there are 70 different species of mosquitoes.
  • Not all bite at the same time of day and do not all present the same health risk.

Are you invaded by mosquitoes and they particularly target you? Do not hesitate to give them a soap, literally! Indeed, when they contain one or more components from aromatic plants, soaps are very effective in getting rid of these pests.

Grate the soap

It is not the soap itself but the lemongrass, olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil that they may contain that acts. The presence of geraniol, a substance present in citronella or geranium, produces in particular a broad-spectrum repellent action by repelling all insects. To use it wisely, you have to grate the soap and place it both inside and outside.

This method has already proven itself in a country where mosquitoes are a real scourge: in Uganda, a promising young entrepreneur has developed an anti-mosquito soap. Her recipe: a touch of olive oil, a touch of palm oil and sodium hydroxide to which she added lemongrass and lavender as natural repellents, and the mosquitoes flee.

Other repellents

Among the other repellents that we do not necessarily suspect: dishwashing liquid. Pour a few drops of ideally lemon-scented dishwashing liquid into some water and place the repellent outside.

And rather than using polluting aerosol cans or DEET-based chemical and allergen electric mosquito repellent diffusers, you can also use garlic (which mosquitoes hate) or cut a lemon and insert a few cloves before to place it indoors or outdoors. Also be aware that perspiration and overly strong perfumes attract mosquitoes.

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