Get ready to receive more ads in Google Search and YouTube

Google’s core business remains online advertising, much of which is in its own services. The company is currently working on new ad formats in Google Search and YouTube.

Google held a “Google Marketing Live” event earlier this week, where the company demonstrated how businesses can use Google Ads, including new ad formats. Starting this year, businesses will be able to create larger shopping ads that appear in mobile search results. The example below, courtesy of Google, shows a full-width image block when you search for “snowboard”, with left and right swipes to switch between store listings.

Google will also allow retailers to add a “3D” button to shopping links in search, which will display a 3D model that can be placed in a room using augmented reality (AR). Finally, messages about loyalty/rewards programs will appear on purchase items – Google’s example included a hairbrush with a message underneath that read “Get free shipping and earn points. »


More advertising is also planned on YouTube, especially on YouTube Shorts (the full-screen short videos). Google hasn’t mentioned exactly how they’ll work from the perspective of someone watching videos, but it looks like they’ll appear when you swipe between different Shorts, like ads on TikTok and Instagram Stories. Google also gives advertisers the ability to add links that appear at the bottom of the screen.

Google told TechCrunch that video creators will not receive any revenue from ads appearing on the Shorts, at least for now. The company said, “We will continue to reward thousands of creators and artists every month through the YouTube Shorts Fund as we develop a long-term model for creator monetization in Shorts. We are actively working on building a monetization solution for Shorts creators and will use the learnings from this launch to make it happen. »

The new Google Search ads will start appearing later this year, but Google is already rolling out YouTube Shorts ads.

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