Gérard Prêcheur (PSG) after the victory against Lyon in D1 Arkema: “A small lift”

Gérard Prêcheur (coach of PSG, 1-0 winner of the Olympics): “I was surprised by this goal because it is usually the Olympics that win their matches from set pieces at the end of the match. This is the first time this has happened to us this season. We weren’t that bad in the first half. Lyon had several chances before half-time, but we were more present in a very rhythmic and good first half. We struggled in the second half against Lyon’s pressure. It is a match that deserves to be analyzed in more detail so that I can be more relevant in my analysis. The victory over Paris FC made it possible to have an awareness, a click.
It’s the first time we’ve had a little boost with this set-piece, against Lyon at home, who end an eight-year, 95-game unbeaten run. It’s good for Kadi (Kadidiatou Diani). She agreed to refocus. She delivered a good first period and she was also in the second. She will be rewarded. »

Sonia Bompastor (coach for Lyon beaten 1-0 by PSG): “There is a lot of disappointment for me and the players. The result does not meet our expectations and is cruel. Throughout the game we put Paris in difficulties. There are positive things to remember. We know Kadidiatou Diani’s qualities. She was able to make the difference for PSG and put us in difficulties at certain times of the game.

During the game we were solid defensively. PSG had few chances but had the opportunity to make a difference from the set stage. This is part of the high level. We have to bounce back from the two European Cup games that remain to be played this year. As in some of our previous games, we did not always make the right choices and lacked technical precision in the last thirty meters. Sometimes we fail to complete our actions and afterwards we are punished. You have to be able to be more killer. With the quality of players we have and their heading game, we need to be more effective from a set stage. Nothing has been decided for the title, for which I am very optimistic. »


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