Fun and charging

Frankly, the price is unbeatable, in all objectivity: I have done more than 1,100 km in the Kia EV6, the 2022 Car of the Year, from Paris to Brittany and back, including 800 km on the motorway, for a derisory total of 42 euros charge (excluding Ionity subscription). And apart from a Total Energies terminal that was not working (problem connecting the charging cable), during my first attempt to charge on the highway, near Le Mans, I had no problem in 6 days of ‘use.

With the added bonus of constant pleasure, which I will detail for you, in all subjectivity, because I loved this car! And I will do everything to buy one in the next few months…

A Design that sticks for this “Beautiful Auto”

The open Kia EV6 parked in front of number 5. Photo credits Daniel Ortelli

What a beautiful car! I had in mind this sentence from my father, who sold and repaired Peugeots all his life, during my whole trip to Brittany, because this metallic gray Kia EV6, two wheel drive, Design finish, which was lent to me at the beginning of June by Kia France, corresponds perfectly to the definition of a “beautiful car”. First there is this sleek and futuristic line, from the enveloping hood to the impressive rear hatch, on which pedestrians and other drivers look back. They are stuck, they watch, they admire.

An interior worthy of a living room

Another major asset: driving comfort. I was able to judge when I had to leave Paris, on a Pentecost Friday, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Everything was blocked, clogged, but I never got upset, because I was in a rolling living room, with good music on an excellent sound system and suspensions allowing me to cash in without flinching the blackcurrants and donkeys of the Parisian suburbs.

I didn’t take the A6 out of Paris, nor the A10, I slipped between the two, took a bit of time but the driving was pleasant and the GPS never got upset when I chose not to follow his advice.

Finally, around 5 p.m., I was able to start accelerating, on the highway, and I realized that the power reserve was very appreciable, 200 HP I believe, and that the cruise control was easy to program.

Software support that increases driving comfort

With the bonus of the software which allows you to respect the gap with the car in front, and the one which warns you that you are about to change lane, and straighten the steering wheel a bit to get you back on the right track, it’s a bit like having an AutoPilot… except that another software warns you each time you take both hands off the wheel.

Exactly like my wife, in fact. Too bad for the AutoPilot but without being a geek, I still managed all this on-board electronics well, including GPS, and I found charging stations that I needed, on the road to Brittany.

Charging on an Ionity terminal

Recharge on an Ionity Terminal, the purple indicator at the top of the terminal indicates that the car is charging. Credits Daniel Ortelli.

From my first recharge on an Ionity terminal, the owner of a large 100% electric Mercedes SUV, which he had just bought, came to “connect me”, in all sympathy: “It’s my next car”, he confessed to me, very seriously, as he quietly finished his refill.

A pensioner who looked perfectly normal, ready to return his Mercedes to leave in a Kia EV6. “We have 20% of EV6 buyers coming from premium brands like Mercedes and BMW,” Xavier Domenech, Kia France’s press relations manager, then revealed to me on my return to Paris.

It was a refill as a precautionnot far from Rennes, because I was only about a hundred km from my final destination and I had been very reasonable, respecting the speed limits, and I had a priori sufficient autonomy left to arrive at good port.

400 km of autonomy in total

Having done a total of 400 km with full batteries, from Paris 15th to Pleudihen-sur-Rance, just below Saint-Malo. And I knew that a public terminal of the Departmental Syndicate of Energy of Côtes d’Armor was waiting for me on the Place de Pleudihen, right next to the Crédit Agricole.
So, with my Kia Charge cardI reinflated my batteries to block, the next morning, while I was going to attend with my family the first matches of the EuroPoussins, big annual meeting of the best footballers under 10 years old, with 14 foreign clubs ( Juventus, Bayern Munich, etc.)

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Economic and fiscal advantages

Ecological bonus

Up to €6,000 and government conversion bonus up to €2,500(1). Some
local authorities supplement this system with additional incentives. Find out more from your region, department, or agglomeration committee.

Gray card: Total exemption.

Charging stations

Tax credit of 75% of the amount of expenses devoted to the installation of a charging station
recharge, within the limit of €300, for owners and tenants in their residence
primary or secondary.


TVS Total and definitive exemption.
Amortization Maximum deductible amortization ceiling of €30,000.
Premium Advenir Coverage of the costs of supplying and installing charging points (terminals)
up to 30%.

Battery damping

Possibility of amortizing the purchase of the battery provided that the price of the batteries appears
on your bills.
The data is updated regularly and differences in values ​​may exist depending on accessories, equipment, or the date.

We invite you to contact your dealer to find out the accuracy of the information given.

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