Full Autonomous Driving System Update Poses Safety Questions

Watch out for Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta update. One of its modes could prove dangerous, according to The Verge.

Tesla introduced new driver assistance features on January 9, including the ability to choose from three driving profiles: Chill, Average and Assertive.
In Chill mode, the vehicle will have “greater following distance and perform fewer rapid lane changes”. Average mode will allow the car to have an “average following distance” and operate sliding stops. Assertive mode raises several questions.

A controversial feature

In the description of the Assertive option, Tesla states that the vehicle “will have a smaller following distance”, will be able to “change lanes more frequently”, will not “go out of passing lanes”, and will be able to perform “Rolling Stops”. . In other words, the car could adopt behaviors recognized as dangerous. The Rolling Stop is the English translation of slipped stops. This is a practice of not stopping completely at a stop sign or a stop sign represents a violation of the Highway Code.

At this time, Tesla’s full self-driving technology remains in beta and receives regular updates. As the company has not yet completed all testing of Assertive Mode, it is difficult to establish whether the vehicles in question will actually produce violations.

Vehicles not fully autonomous

The term “Full Self-Driving” can be misleading. Indeed, the FSD function does not offer true autonomous driving, but rather advanced assistance to the driver.

Tesla began beta testing the FSD in October 2020, priced at $8,000. She then raised the price to $10,000 and then to $12,000 effective January 17.

Remember that depending on the profile chosen, the car will react differently to certain road situations. The feature was included in the 10.3 update of the October 2021 release. The same one that disappeared two days after it started rolling out due to issues with left turns at traffic lights or unscheduled stops .

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