France team: Kylian Mbappé’s speech to his teammates at half-time in France

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At the end of a crazy match, France failed to win a third World Cup title on their list and lost to Argentina after the penalty shootout (3 -3, 4-2 losses). But at the break, no one could imagine that the game would be carried away in the second half.

Leading by two goals in advance after performances from the penalty spot by Messi (1-0, 23rd) and Di Maria (2-0, 36th), the Blues had their heads under water. At the break, it was Kylian Mbappé, author of a fabulous hat-trick a few minutes later, who donned the costume as the boss of the tricolor dressing room and re-motivated his troops by claiming that “it was the fight of his life”, as revealed in an extract from the documentary “Merci Les Bleus” which will be aired soon TF1.

To summarize

France forward Kylian Mbappé became a leader in the dressing room by giving a speech to re-motivate his teammates during the break between France and Argentina. However, the Blues were defeated after the penalty shootout.

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