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Located in Mykonos, Greece, facing the sea, this restaurant has a specialty: pushing its customers to eat without checking the – exorbitant – prices beforehand. In May 2022, two American tourists were thus trapped, and thus had to pay a bill of 600 € for two cocktails and two crab claws…

(Map: West-France)

At first glance, the DK Oyster restaurant, located facing the Aegean Sea, on the island of Mykonos (Greece), looks like any tourist restaurant. A chic interior, a terrace facing the sea, which ends in a row of deckchairs on the beach. But beware of naive holidaymakers who take the risk of setting foot there… It could well cost them an arm and a leg!

This is the misfortune experienced by two American tourists, on vacation on the island, in May 2022. They were first picked up by a “barker”, an employee in charge of picking up passers-by and convincing them to enter the restaurant, a common practice in tourist areas in Greece as in many other countries in the world. The man promises them access to the lounge chairs if they consume a drink. The two women are tempted.

A photo of the beautiful beach extending the terrace of the DK Oyster restaurant, in Mykonos (Greece). (Screenshot: Facebook/DK Oyster)

“The menu is me! »

When they ask them for the menu, the first alert… “The menu is me! », the server answers them, according to the Greek media θEMA relayed by the Swiss newspaper The morning . The two tourists are strongly encouraged to order a dish, as well as two cocktails.

But when the time comes to pay the bill, it’s a cold shower. On the bill, the price of drinks amounts to 520 €. The tip is also listed, 78 €. The two women, scandalized by the price, initially refuse to pay.

A restaurant manager then arrives. He allegedly threatened the two women, saying in essence this: ” I’ll call the police. They’ll keep you here and you can’t go back. It will be easy to find out where you live…” American tourists end up paying, under duress, they say.

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The addition of the two tourists. (YouTube screenshot/Proto Thema)

A restaurant known for this type of process

This isn’t the first time this restaurant has been pinned down for abusive practices, it seems. On the tourist advice site TripAdvisor, a plethora of similar comments join the testimony of the two Americans. ” To flee ! », writes one of the aggrieved consumers, in a message dating back about a month, explaining that he had to pay 118 € for two cocktails, with an additional bill. Another explains that he too paid an exaggerated sum after ordering drinks without being able to consult the menu beforehand.

A website has even been created solely to denounce the actions of the unscrupulous owners of the restaurant… There are listed techniques for ripping off customers: display of prices per 100 grams, and not per kilogram as is usual in Greece, menus without prices, intimidation after showing the bill…

According to the creators of this site, very upset against the DK Oyster, the establishment would also reuse their customers’ phones to get good ratings on TripAdvisor, when they connect via wifi.

The Greek Ministry of Tourism looks into the case

The misadventure of the two American tourists could still be good, since on June 3, an audit was put in place by the Greek Ministry of Tourism, according to a new media article θEMA.

The two owners of the restaurant were fined and assured that continuous checks would be carried out with the company, and this throughout the tourist season.

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