For the studio behind Tomb Raider, Apple silicon is a success

Feral Interactive is a particularly well-known British video game publisher on macOS, especially since its managers chose to turn exclusively to this platform between 1996 and 2013. Among their successes, we find Alien: Isolation, BioShock and his second opus, Fable: The Lost Chapters or SEGA Superstar Tennis and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

During an interview with the English-language media MacRumorsthe company reversed Apple’s recent change to its computer processors, going under proprietary ARM architecture. Whereas previously the gaming public of the Apple was quite niche, it now seems to be open to the general public with what is more a toy library offer on subscription at 4.99 euros per month.

Problem solved

Before Apple silicon arrives, the creator points out that most Macs among the popular and “particularly” at the entry level relied on signed equipment Intel. “It was a problem“, because it was then necessary to optimize the games for a long time for platforms not adapted to this type of particularly energy-intensive content.

From the M1 cards (melted by TSMC) however, the situation changed drastically with a “power” and an “graphic fidelity” improved. This is also what the manufacturer wants to confirm, estimating for example that its current MacBook Pro with a diagonal of 13 inches is now capable of displaying images up to five times faster than the previous version. What to offer a certain “degree of freedom” to the developers of Feral.

Try it on your Mac

Two Feral games are already natively designed for Apple silicon SoCs, starting with Total War: Rome Remastered. To play it, it is necessary to have at least Big Sur, 8 GB of RAM and 45 GB of storage space. Price: €29.99.

With this, Total War: Warhammer III offers real-time strategy games alone or with others, including the possibility of challenging friends using other OS (Linux, Windows). The license is offered at 59.99 euros on Steam, but this time will require a Mac running Monterey with at least 125 GB of memory. – Official App

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