“For All Mankind” to watch without paying, for a limited time

For All Mankind was one of the first flagship pieces of Apple TV+. This is an exclusive series to the apple streaming platform, telling an alternative history for the race for the Moon taking place in the 20th century, with a merciless duel between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Last Friday, Apple began broadcasting season 3. To mark the occasion, and by the way, introduce the series to as many people as possible, the Californian firm is offering season 1 of its work in free streaming for everyone.

How to watch For All Mankind season 1?

No need to pay anything or subscribe to Apple TV+. You can watch all of Season 1 of For All Mankind on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV by simply going to the TV app, or via browser by going to this link. This second solution works from a wider range of machines.

Be careful though, this is a limited time special offer. According to some of our colleagues, it will end around June 30, although Apple has not provided a deadline at this stage.

For All Mankind is a series worth watching. Its script is original and the actors all play their roles very well. For information, it displays a score of 7.9/10 on the imdb.com platform, which is quite good.

A season 4 has already been ordered by Apple, so we will still hear about this series in the future.

Who among you has already watched For All Mankind? Did you like it or not? We are waiting for your feedback.

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