Foot OL – Sale OL: Textor sacked, Aulas’ beloved is back – Olympique Lyonnais

The sale of the Olympics to the billionaire John Textor is in a critical situation. Nothing is progressing in the case, and a final ultimatum has been set for this Wednesday at the Eagle company. The rumors multiply.

Like their classification in Ligue 1, the Olympiques are in the middle in terms of their own sales. The Lyon club has found John Textor as a buyer, but the latter has not yet got his hands on the club and things are dragging on. We are even far from the photo, all smiles with Jean-Michel Aulas last June, when the American proudly unveiled his project for the Olympics. Textor is now under pressure, and his position as future owner is in doubt. The financial guarantees of Textor and the Eagle Football consortium were not considered solid enough and the completion of the operation took a long time, forcing OL Groupe to constantly push back the deadlines.

A bank accused by Olympique Lyonnais

Textor is trying to use his shares in Crystal Palace in the operation and make the London club a guarantor of the financing. But that does not please the other shareholders in the London club, and the English league has not yet given its approval. Suffice it to say, the possibility of seeing John Textor buy the Olympics is getting less and less strong as the hours go by. OL Groupe therefore gave him a final ultimatum, which ends on Wednesday 7 December. And on the side of Lyon, where everyone is clearly on the nerves, especially since the OL Groupe’s action was completely screwed up on Tuesday on the Paris stock exchange, we are preparing both the search for a new buyer, but also a way to make John Textor salary and even the bank , who found the American businessman.

The Olympics are unhappy with this impasse and have a clear culprit, the investment bank Raine. On instructions from IDG Capital and Pathé to buy back their shares, the latter had favored the John Textor course last spring, while the American has since shown difficulties in financing the operation. According to L’Equipe, the club led by Jean-Michel Aulas want to sue Raine for what looks like a total failure. This phantom sale actually threatens Lyon’s sporting ambitions in the short term, while the winter transfer window was announced to be spectacular with the arrival of Laurent Blanc as coach. But a plan B exists.

In fact, in this chaotic context, FootMercato confirms that the name of recent days Foster Gillett, another American businessman who had originally been Jean-Michel Aulas’ lover, returns to the front of the stage. At the time, he told himself the deal wasn’t done because Gillett would pay part of the acquisition in cryptocurrency, which had scared OL Groupe away. He also said that the American investor did not want to keep Aulas for three years in charge of Olympique Lyonnais. It now remains to be seen whether the boss of the Rhone club will agree to let go to finally find a buyer under pressure from IDG Capital and Pathé.

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