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Alexandre Lacazette has officially signed up with Olympique Lyonnais until 2025. But OL have not yet revealed which number will have the General on his jersey. A secret that hides another.

To the delight of Olympique Lyonnais supporters, Jean-Michel Aulas managed to bring Alexandre Lacazette “home”, the striker arriving with free player status, since his contract with Arsenal ended without an extension is offered to him. Thursday, Lacazette was therefore the subject of an official presentation after signing his three-year contract with his training club. On this occasion, the player posed with a flocked jersey “2025”, the date of the end of his commitment, but on the side of the Rhone club shop we keep the mystery on the number which will be flocked on the back of the jersey 2022-2023 that the former Gunners player will wear. Indeed, in pre-order, the Lacazette jersey is sold with the 00, which will obviously not be the French striker’s definitive number. And this is where the hypothesis raised by Le Progr├Ęs begins.

Lucas Paqueta’s 10 for Alexandre Lacazette?

The regional daily believes that even if the social networks validate the number “69” on Alexandre Lacazette’s jersey in order to mark his attachment to Lyon and the region, another scenario is looming. Indeed, on the side of Olympique Lyonnais, it is said that the attacker could recover the number of his good years, namely “10”. A number currently worn by Lucas Paqueta, but which will be released if the Brazilian international leaves OL during this summer transfer window. A theory that makes sense, the club not communicating at all on this very important marketing aspect where we can imagine that the Lacazette jerseys will be torn off when they are on sale with the real flocking. In other words, as long as the Paqueta file is not settled, the French striker will have to wait for his shirt. The future will tell if all this was actually planned.

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