Foot Mondial 2022 – Samuel Eto’o hits an Algerian in Qatar, it’s on!

On the sidelines of the match between Brazil and South Korea, Samuel Eto’o had a turbulent end to the evening with a short but violent altercation with an Algerian fan who had provoked him.

The incidents to be lamented are very rare during this World Cup in Qatar and it must be emphasized as the clashes can be numerous during this type of gatherings in the previous editions. But on the night between Monday and Tuesday, a stormy scene took place near the 974 stadium, after the match between Brazil and South Korea. As he left the stadium, Samuel Eto’o was quickly spotted and mainly Brazilian fans posed with him for photos. The legend of the Indomitable Lions was playing the game before he was approached by a famous Algerian YouTuber who had clearly been preparing his move. The scene, filmed by onlookers, shows Samuel Eto’o getting angry after a distant argument with the Fennecs fan, while another person tries to take his camera. And it is when the YouTuber bends down to take his camera that has fallen to the ground that the former striker from Real Madrid and FC Barcelona gives him a violent kick.

The match Algeria-Cameroon has not been digested

The Latin American newspaper La Opinion revealed this video and provided some details. The president of the Cameroonian federation was driven mad by disparaging remarks, although the content of the remarks was not confirmed until much later. Recently, on social networks or around the stadiums, Cameroonian fans have raised verbal provocations from many Algerian fans present in Qatar, especially after the stormy barrage between the two countries for this place in the FIFA World Cup.

The newspaper La Opinion reports that Samuel Eto’o did not want to mention this incident when he was questioned about it and that it was his relatives who tried to seize the camera from the Youtubeur called Sadouni SM. The latter has already filmed himself several times in Qatar, attacking Cameroonian fans and accusing them of buying the play-off against Algeria. It should be noted that no police officer was present at the scene and that there was no intervention at the time. Of course, the photos may give rise to legal action, especially since some hours later, Sadouni SM announced that he was at the police station to file a complaint, his camera having been completely destroyed in addition to the physical injuries he sustained. Sadouni SM said he would appeal to the Qatari courts to condemn Samuel Eto’o, although he also admitted asking him how much he had paid the referee for the famous Algeria-Cameroon match.

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