Foot Mondial 2022 – Jamel Debbouze accused of scheming against Algeria

After the controversial statements of coach Djamel Belmadi, who accuses referee Bakary Gassama following the elimination of Algeria in the 2022 World Cup play-offs, the case takes on a funny dimension. An Algerian journalist even goes so far as to denounce the intervention of comedian Jamel Debbouze!

A month later, Algeria is still struggling to digest its elimination from the 2022 World Cup play-offs. The Fennecs lost to Cameroon (1-0, 1-2 ap) after a scenario completely crazy, and a return match marked by disputed decisions. The coach Djamel Belmadi has indeed accused the referee Bakary Gassama in rather bewildering remarks. “ The strength of men and of a people is to get up “, reacted the technician last week.

Belmadi’s skid

But we will never again let two or three people conspire against our country, never again will a referee harm our country.announced the coach of Algeria. I didn’t like seeing the referee the next day comfortably seated in our lounges at the airport drinking coffee and eating a mille-feuille. I emptied my bag and I ran into him again in Turkey and I told him who he was again! When you go to Africa, you don’t often get special treatment. He took away the hope of a whole people and we leave him like that… I’m not saying he should be killed, but he shouldn’t be left alone. »

Since then, we have witnessed a real Gassama affair. The controversy has taken on an unexpected dimension and is prompting some to launch wild rumours. An Algerian journalist has indeed found a way to implicate Jamel Debbouze in this story, accusing the comedian of having played the intermediary in order to cause the elimination of the Fennecs. ” In Morocco, there is an intermediary who is Jamel Debbouze. This same one, Jamel Debbouze the humoristinsisted the columnist on a TV set. He is an intermediary. Yes, Jamel Debbouze acted as an intermediary in the Gassama affair. »

Look, if the matter was so simple, FIFA would have made a decision a long time ago. What is the relationship with Jamel Debbouze? Look, it’s sunny days in Morocco. Le Marrakech du rire, I am not the one who organizes it. Listen, the guy rubs shoulders with the King, he rubs shoulders with Fouzi Lekjaa (President of the Moroccan Football Federation, editor’s note), he is influential, he lives in Paris… Bakary Gassama has connections in Francetried to explain the journalist. I am not a specialist in arbitration issues, but we have a lot of evidence. Rest assured, no one understood the reasoning, not even his colleagues on the set.

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