Food shortages: after sunflower oil, mustard disappearing from the shelves, what other products are likely to run out soon?

After sunflower oil, mustard is becoming hard to find on store shelves. What other products are at risk of shortage on the shelves?

Mayonnaise in danger? After sunflower oil, mustard is beginning to be rare on store shelves.

If there is a shortage of the famous Dijon condiment, it is mainly because of the exceptionally low harvest of this seed from the main world supplier, Canada. The country has indeed recorded over the 2021-2022 financial year a fall of -28% productionaccording to the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

French production divided by three

A crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine. The two belligerents could indeed have been relief providers, but the Russian invasion and the ensuing Western sanctions, as well as the blockade of the Black Sea, are blocking exports.
Moreover, French production of mustard seeds, which represents 50% of European production, has been divided by three in five years. Because of the late cold snap but also the ban on using certain insecticides, “from 12,000 tons in 2016, we went to 4,000 tons (of production) in 2021”explains Fabrice Genin, the president of the association of mustard seed producers in Burgundy (APGMB) in the columns of Release.

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Wine in danger?

In addition to these two foods, the supply of other everyday consumer products worries agri-food professionals.

The marketing of wine is particularly threatened by a shortage of glass bottles. In question, this time again, the war in Ukraine. The country invaded by the Russian army is home to many glassworks that supply European winegrowers. But since the start of the invasion on February 24, delivery times have skyrocketed.

Shortage of duck breasts?

Another shortage is also feared: that of ducks. Because of the bird flu epizootic, 16 million poultry have had to be slaughtered in recent months, says the Ministry of Agriculture. The consequence is already palpable: some restaurants no longer offer duck-based dishes such as duck breast on their menu.

In Carcassonne, the cassoulet which is under threat. Aude restaurateurs are finding it increasingly difficult to stock up on duck and fear that they will not be able to offer the famous dish of local gastronomy to tourists this summer.

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