Food cravings in winter: ah really, thank you Australopithecines!

Our brain stays on very old achievements!

The first cold attacks are fatal. We are hungry, in any case we have the impression of being hungry! “Our brain still reacts as it did thousands of years ago when winter involved less food.” says Julien Masset, doctor of biochemistry and specialist in herbal medicine at Ortis: “It seems to reduce energy consumption further and slows down the whole body” Which means more fatigue, but this kind of “primitive” brain makes us turn to immediately combustible energy-rich foods: carbohydrates. thank you Grandpa Neanderthal and Aunt Australopithecus!

Atchoum! What to do when the cold hits us

This may be due to a biochemical imbalance and lack of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite or sleep, researchers from the European College of Neuropsychopathology recently confirmed. Hence the different reaction of each individual to the arrival of winter…

To counter the urge that the will won’t stop, the ideal is to get full. To do this, nothing beats the advice of Pascale Naessens, specialist in tasty but simple, quick and healthy recipes, who has just published her new cookbook.

Pascale Naessens to the rescue

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I didn’t expect “My keto cure 1” to be so successful, it was the best selling cookbook of 2020”, explains in the introduction Pascale Naessens, this Flemish author who has become an international phenomenon in the field of food publishing in just a few years. Keto is a special diet that has limitations (the recipes, without being difficult or long to make, must be foreseen in terms of shopping and vegetables, generally rich in carbohydrates to be avoided, are not legion), but also a lot of benefits : it makes you lose excess kilos (including around the waist) without feeling hungry at all. It’s all about slipping into it for at least 14 days.

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The principle of the ketogenic diet is to put the body into ketosis: in short, it is a matter of getting it to burn fat rather than sugar: the fat absorbed from food as well as body fat. Of course, every organization reacts differently: some will melt, others will find it harder to reduce inventory. Pascale Naessens, who has studied nutrition for years and also interviewed the greatest scientists in each field, puts it bluntly: “The idea that we should all eat according to the same pattern is outdated and has no scientific basis”. In this new book, she also discusses intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating and cholesterol with specialists, with lots of clear explanations and common sense advice.

No more uncontrollable food cravings

The advantage of the ketogenic diet is that it also greatly reduces hunger and, above all, since the glucose level hardly fluctuates, the blood sugar is also calm and there are no more uncontrollable cravings.

gold,”protein is the most satiating, followed by fat”, explains Pascale Naessens. So choose the foods for your main meals wisely: they will allow you not to have a craving and therefore not succumb to it.

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The so-called emotional cravings due to sudden stress, strong emotions, etc. may also appear. Breathe and eat but good fats like nuts, avocado: good saturated fats and proteins. Make bread without flour but with seeds, it’s delicious! With a piece of feta.

> “My keto diet 2” – 75 recipes – 224 pages. €26.99 Root Editions

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