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The Mozilla Foundation has just released a new version of its Firefox browser which comes to us in version 100 with a few changes and improvements, but what we will remember above all is the transition to version 100. Everything like Google with Chrome, the Mozilla Foundation has just taken the plunge with a version that goes to 3 digits. A version that will not revolutionize the browser far from it, but which marks the path taken since the first version.

Firefox reaches version 100, the first 3-digit version

The Mozilla Foundation has released a new version of its browser, called “Firefox 100” with its share of fixes and improvements. But what will especially hold the attention of browser users is that Firefox is coming to us in version 100, a version that has 3 digits like its competitor Google Chrome did some time ago. Even if it doesn’t seem important, be aware that some websites with old browser support systems might not recognize the browser at all and consider it as a “00” version by only taking into account the two last digits. Well, it’s like taking Internet Explorer 7 into account in its HTML code or displaying its pages in Flash Player, it’s had its day and there should be very few Internet sites encountering problems with browser version taken into account. In the meantime, you can always rely on the list from which was updated a few weeks ago and recognizes the latest version of Firefox if you have any doubts.


Subtitles and video for Picture-in-Picture

Who says new version says new and this new version now supports the display of captions and subtitles on YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix videos that you watch in windowed mode. As a reminder, Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to watch a video in a corner of your screen, superimposed, while continuing to work on the main part of the screen. Simply enable subtitles on the in-page video player and they will appear in “PiP” mode. In addition, HDR video is now supported in Firefox on Mac, starting with YouTube and for Picture-in-Picture enthusiasts, the browser now also supports video subtitles on websites that use HDR. WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format.

Firefox’s spell check gets better

For online writers, Firefox’s spell checker now checks spelling in multiple languages. To activate additional languages, select them in the context menu of the text field by adding dictionaries (right click on a word when writing an email or an answer in the forums of the site => languages ​​=> Add dictionaries). Speaking of languages, during the first installation Firefox will detect on the first launch if the default language of the browser corresponds to that of the operating system and if this is not the case, it will offer the choice between the two languages, that of the browser or that of the OS.

Finally, HDR video is now supported in Firefox on Mac, starting with YouTube, hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding is enabled on Windows with supported GPUs (Intel Gen 11+, AMD RDNA 2 excluding Navi 24, GeForce 30) and video overlay is enabled on Windows for Intel GPUs, which reduces power consumption during video playback (says Mozilla changelog).


Download the new version 100 of Firefox Browser

As with all versions and all updates, Firefox 100 is available on all distribution channels and in all languages, whether for PCs, tablets or mobiles. Regarding the desktop version, you should automatically receive the update and if the latter does not appear, go to the menu? => About Firefox to get the update there manually.

If this is not the case, or if you wish to discover and test the Mozilla Foundation’s browser, the link to download the latest stable and secure version of Firefox via the site’s software library: Firefox 100 in French


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