Fight water retention naturally with these draining plants.

Water retention is characterized by tissue swelling. In medical terms, we speak of edema. It can be of pathological origin, but this is not always the case. Depending on the cause, you can act naturally to prevent the edema from growing. The draining plants are particularly very effective and many people prone to water retention have benefited from their virtues.

Why should we fight against water retention?

Edema is usually manifested by the temporary swelling of certain parts of the body or a localized area. Most often, there is swelling in the feet, legs or ankles. Edema located on the lower part of the body must absolutely be the subject of a medical consultation. It is not uncommon for water retention to also affect the hands, stomach or eyelids.

Swellings may be accompanied by a feeling of stiffness or heaviness. They can also be the cause of significant and unexplained weight gain. As our body contains up to 60% water.

Water retention linked to poor venous and lymphatic circulation also results in the appearance of aqueous cellulite, especially in women.

The causes of water retention.

The blood vessels that make up our body reach about 100,000 km in length if they were connected end to end. The blood passes through its vessels to supply the cells with water, nutrients and oxygen by filtration. These cells reject the waste present in the blood and dioxide. This is called reabsorption. Waste is redirected through the kidneys and lungs to be eliminated from the body. We then speak of water retention when the water released in the tissues at the time of filtration is greater than that which is released into the blood by reabsorption.

This phenomenon, which is most often of hormonal origin, is more frequent during the premenstrual period and during pregnancy. However, it can also be linked to poor venous circulation. In this case, the water retention can be caused by a strong exposure to heat or a case of prolonged immobility. Edema can also be due to a dietary imbalance, lymphatic dysfunction or the taking of certain medications.

The pathologies often at the origin of water retention are in particular the thyroid, kidney, heart or lung diseases. A person intolerant to gluten or lactose can also be prone to water retention.

Many causes can cause water retention. Therefore, only a doctor can identify the origin through a completed diagnosis. It can also make the difference between temporary water retention and edema of pathological origin.

4 draining plants that fight water retention.

Some drainage plants are often recommended to accompany a weight loss diet. They eliminate excess water and therefore contribute to weight loss.

The red vine:

She is part of draining and slimming plants best known for its effectiveness in eliminating excess water. A natural source full of vitamin C, mineral salts and phytonutrients. In ancient Greece, the red vine was recognized for its ability to fight against heavy leg sensations, edema and venous insufficiency. Today, it exists in the form of tablets or even gummies. Therefore, it is possible to consume them as a dietary supplement.


This draining plant is also effective against water retention. The solidago also called water rod, eliminates the water that accumulates in the tissues. Thanks to its draining action, it contributes to the proper functioning of the renal and urinary system. According to your desires, you can consume it in the form of an infusion. There are also other possible forms such as drops and capsules.

The piloselle:

The piloselle helps in the elimination of toxins and the evacuation of water in the tissues. It therefore reduces edema and its unsightly effects on the body. It is a diuretic plant strongly recommended against water retention. You can consume it in the form of herbal teas with other plants or capsules.

The orthosiphon:

It is also called “cat’s mustache”, referring to its appearance. Orthosiphon is rich in potassium and polyphenols, hence its recognized antioxidant properties. It is possible to consume it in cases of biliary and kidney problems. It is accessible in the form of infusions or capsules to fight against water retention correctly and effectively.

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