Faced with influenza, Public Health France sounds the alarm before Christmas

Public Health France The alert level is maximum in France regarding the influenza epidemic, according to the latest data published by Santé Publique France on 21 December.

Public Health France

The alert level is maximum in France regarding the influenza epidemic, according to the latest data published by Santé Publique France on 21 December.

HEALTH – Christmas on the balcony… or in bed? In its latest weekly bulletin on the influenza epidemic in France, published on Wednesday 21 December, Public Health France is alarmed by “continued increase in flu indicators in all age groups”and especially “very sharp increase in hospitalizations in all age groups” in France in recent days.

Faced with this risky situation, the French health authorities are now talking about a “it is urgent to get vaccinated for people at risk, and to respect barrier movements from everyone, especially during the end of the year party”to “to limit the impact of this very active epidemic”.

Data published by the French health authorities actually shows a very strong increase in consultations for flu-like illnesses across France, according to preliminary data over the last two weeks:

Public Health France

Public Health France

And a comparable development for admissions:

Public Health France

Public Health France

Ongoing triple epidemic

The influenza epidemic, which is currently affecting all regions of mainland France and most of the overseas territories after reaching Guadeloupe and Guyana, is characterized by its early nature.

This “ early start exposes you to a large-scale epidemic, with a peak expected in late December.”, explained Monday, December 19, Covars, heir to the Scientific Council (which managed the Covid epidemic), in a statement about the triple epidemic underway in France: influenza / bronchiolitis / Covid. This is exactly what the latest data from Public Health France shows.

However, a glimmer of hope is emerging for bronchiolitis, this respiratory disease that affects young children and whose peak appears to be over. New cases of bronchiolitis have decreased in recent weeks, notes Public Health France in its latest bulletin on the spread of the disease.

But the epidemic continues anyway On a high level”, and nearly 2,000 babies were still hospitalized last week in mainland France. Despite a 25% drop in one week, this situation remains burdensome for hospitals, some of which are unable to accommodate sick children and have to refer them to other institutions.

“Saturated Emergencies”

This Wednesday, December 21, Rémi Salomon, head of the nephrology-pediatric department at the Necker Hospital in Paris, therefore continued on BFM TV to challenge the French and the authorities in the face of a critical situation in health institutions. “The flu is getting very strong. (…) The emergencies are saturated everywhere, it overflows everywhere”, he worried and renewed calls to be vaccinated against influenza and Covid-19.

The day before, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne also spoke about one “tough situation”after attending a board meeting of the Île-de-France Regional Health Agency. “With the holidays, this situation is even more tense” confronted with the three epidemics of bronchiolitis, Covid and influenza “overlapping”she summed up.

“All this puts a very strong pressure on our health system, on our health institutions, on all health professionals who are once again on the front line with a much greater than usual influx of people in the emergency room and on calls to Samu”which has increased by 20-30%, she pointed out.

in “ responsibility” to help these relatives we all have a role to play” with barrier gestures, she continued, inviting people to wear the mask” as soon as we are in a closed room where there are many of us”and to be vaccinated against influenza and Covid, while“we must meet as a family” for the parties.

With regard to these vaccinations, the Amélie.fr site reminds that it is possible for people in the risk group to receive a vaccination against Covid-19 and against influenza under the same agreement. If the flu vaccination campaign has been open to all French people since November 15, with vaccines available in pharmacies, its success had been much more moderate than in previous years in the first weeks.

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