F-150 saves power cuts, Microlino in test and gifts at Tesla

Ford Ford F150 Lightning and Kia Niro EV have the special be able to return power to the network (V2L)at variable power (rather 3kW for the Koreans, more than 11kW for the Ford).

During the last earthquake that shook California, some retailers such as AutoEvolution, have found this external battery feature very handy for running their shop, after a longer power failure. This winter, even in France, this kind of functionality could be very useful… a pity that Tesla (and many others) still do not offer the option of using the battery to connect 220V devices to it!

Find our test of the F-150 Lightning!

Tesla’s Christmas present

In some countries (Australia and New Zealand), but perhaps soon in France, Tesla offers a 30-day trial period for the enhanced Autopilot feature :

VE: F-150 saves power cuts, Microlino in test and gifts at Tesla

As a reminder, this (paid for) system enables the car to change lanes (almost) by itself. But at more than €3,000 for the assisted lane change, which still requires a bit of steering, it’s a very high price. As you can see in our video below, Above all, it would have been time for the manufacturer to review the implementation of its semi-autonomous driving a little.which is without a doubt one of the worst on the market today (despite an AI that is at the highest level anyway).

Since we’re at Tesla, see this magnificent prototype hearse based on the Model 3! If you dream of ending your life 100% electric, you will have to travel to the Netherlands for yours last trip. Let’s admit that a silent and discreet car in front of the Church or in the cemetery would sometimes not be worse in these moments.

Microlino in test!

Finally, as a little Christmas present, Mac4Ever offers you this weekend the test of the Microlino, this electric city car that competes with the Citroën AMIRenault Twizy and even small Fiat100 and other Honda e.

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