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It was only a matter of time, but the pilot program previously reserved for the Netherlands is expanding to France. A few sites are affected, with different rates from Tesla owners. Let’s see together the details of this opening of Superchargers to other brands.

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Since November 2021, some Superchargers in the Netherlands are open to electric cars with a CCS charging port, regardless of brand. Three months after the start of this major change for Tesla, it is the turn of France and Norway to be added to the list of countries with sites open to everyone.

Of the 100 or so Superchargers in France, no less than 16 sites are now accessible to everyone. Of course, the manufacturer has chosen sites with a lot of terminals, and having a relatively low rate of use, so as not to cause saturation, and therefore frustration for Tesla owners.

Le Mans has clearly gone from the worst Supercharger in France to the best.

20 V3 250 kW terminals with solar roof, 4 disabled spaces, bins and partnership with the hotel next door for toilets/drinks. đź‘Ś pic.twitter.com/3yxv4UywLR

— Bob Jouy (@bobjouy) September 28, 2021

Prices higher than for Tesla owners

The price of Superchargers in France, for Tesla owners, is on average 0.40 euros per kilowatt hour. The cheapest sites charge 0.34 euro per kWh, while the most expensive climb in January 2022 to 0.43 euro per kWh.

Tesla opens its Superchargers to other brands in France: all you need to know
Supercharge prices at two sites in France for non-Tesla owners

For people wishing to recharge their car, but do not have a vehicle belonging to the Tesla brand, it will be necessary to pay a monthly subscription at the rate of 12.99 euros to pay as much as a Tesla owner, otherwise prices will be 50% higher on average.

Indeed, as you can see in the capture above, the PĂ©rigueux Supercharger is for example accessible at the rate of 0.55 euro per kWh, or 0.37 euro with a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros. Thus, it will be necessary to estimate your monthly charge quantity to check if it is relevant to subscribe.

On average, if you charge more than 72 kWh per month (i.e. a full charge of Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV6 for example), the subscription starts to save you money.

The list of sites open to everyone in France

We list below the different sites open to all electric vehicles in France equipped with a CCS port, and you can click on the site that interests you to see the details.

Tesla opens its Superchargers to other brands in France: all you need to know
The map of Tesla Superchargers open to other brands in France in January 2022

Finally, note that Tesla offers frequently asked questions relating to this opening of Superchargers on its site, which is available here. After its pilot in the Netherlands, which seems to be conclusive, there is no doubt that the expansion of this program will allow Tesla to make its network of fast chargers profitable, and continue to expand it.

A blow for Ionity, Fastned, Totalenergies or Allego which thus sometimes become much more expensive than Tesla, even for vehicles from other brands.

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