Everything must go! Supermarkets are running campaigns to clear Christmas products: now is the time to take advantage

You may have noticed if you were shopping this morning that there are a lot of party products on sale. On the shelves -30 or even -50% for quick sale. How do supermarkets avoid throwing away their stock? Can you really afford a not-too-expensive feast the day after the evening?

Although Christmas is behind us, supermarkets are keeping the fun going with promotions on salmon, oysters, turkey and other festive items.

“Christmas had to be postponed due to illness in the family, so we’re doing it tonight”, explains a customer who is very happy with the offers he can find. “So coincidence means I shop the day after Christmas and it’s cheaper”.

Price reductions of up to 50% on certain products: many people came to take advantage of them this morning. “I had just arrived, I found out that the leg of lamb was interesting on sale. As I freeze my products, I bought it”, says a customer.

Avoid spillage

“I needed 2-3 more small gifts, I came for some champagne and it’s actually a little cheaper,” engages another. In the midst of a crisis, these promotions are welcome for customers. The opportunity for them to treat themselves to another feast.

The goal of supermarkets is simple: to dispose of unsold products at lower prices, but also to avoid waste. “There’s very fresh produce and it can’t wait until New Year’s Eve, so it’s day to day,” says Karima Ghozzi, spokesperson for Delhaize.

If a product is not sold, it is donated to food banks or recycled for energy.

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