Esport – League of Legends: Karmine Corp overthrows Vitality and will play the final of the European Masters

The Karmine Corp clings fiercely to its property. Double winner of the European Masters of League of Legends in 2021, the club of Kamel “Kameto” Kebir qualified for the final of the first of the two annual editions of the competition this Wednesday evening (3-2). Faced with Vitality Bee, another tricolor structure and its rival on French soil, he suffered to achieve this.

Vitality returned

It was still necessary to wait for the second semi-final and a duel between teams of the French championship, favorites since the start of the tournament, to see a tight match in these play offs. And just like in the last Bo5 (best-of-five) clash between these two last summer, KCorp took the tougher route to victory. By letting the first two games slip away, dominated by the bee team and an excellent Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet on Lee Sin, she put herself in a delicate position, forced to adapt and be impeccable. to impose.

But the mentality of experienced Karmine players would make the difference. Without ever panicking, his team decided to remove Vitality’s signature jungler champion from the equation in the third round and finally offered some backing. If Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet did not play at the level of his standards on the top lane, Lucas “Saken” Fayard, by far the best player of the match and superior to his vis-à-vis on the midlane, took the keys of the encounter on Viktor.

Well accompanied by Jules “Hantera” Bourgeois impeccable on Rakan during the three rounds won by his team, he impelled the forward movement which allowed the KC to overthrow their rival. Without an answer to that of the double title holder, the Vitality, decidedly friable, ultimately never found themselves in a position to win a third round.

LDLC OL – KCorp in the final

Despite this success of a convincing Karmine as soon as she was back to the wall, LDLC OL, another French club, is entitled to calmly await the start of the final on Saturday (5 p.m.). Undefeated since the start of the European Masters, the Lyonnais, with a safer, more composed game, have shown more things than their future opponent and will start as favourites.

The match against them play offs of the French championship is the one that left me with the most regrets (defeat of KCorp 3-0, end of March), slipped Cabochard on the OTP Twitch channel, after his semi-final. We didn’t know how to put our game in place. I can’t wait to get my revenge. “We will have to show something other than this Wednesday evening, but surprising when we least expect it is part of the KC’s DNA.


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