Eric Olhats, former adviser to Antoine Griezmann, placed in police custody for sexual assault on a minor

This Thursday, the police custody of the former recruiter was extended. “The facts are very disputed”, specifies the parquet floor of Bayonne.

The alleged facts would date back to the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, when he was a coach of young players in the Bayonne football club. The victim is said to be a player from Aviron Bayonnais FC, a minor at the time of the incident. A rape complaint was filed in August 2021. Other reports of touching and sexual assault would also have been reported.

Griezmann mentor

Eric Olhats is known in the football world for revealing world champion Antoine Griezmann. Having become a recruiter for Real Sociedad in 2002, he brought the player from Mâcon to the Spanish club at the age of 13. He had hosted him for six years and continued to advise him until 2016.

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