Enjoy 500W sound with the M-1958 DJ speaker from Muse

With the Fête de la Musique and summer celebrations approaching, it’s time to buy a new loudspeaker. We present to you the third generation party box: the M-1958 DJ model! It is equipped with a CD player, Bluetooth function, a USB playback port and a USB charging port, an auxiliary input, two microphone/guitar inputs and an FM PLL tuner!

Muse is a reference brand in France according to the GFK institute, it is a major player in French consumer electronics, NEW ONE has three product lines in the fields of sound, image and on-board electronics.


This test was carried out using a product lent by Muse.

The brand launched this partybox in January 2022 and previously offered a whole range of more or less large products, this speaker allows you to do karaoke with an included microphone as well as a remote control with batteries that allows you to use the remote amplifier.


The partybox comes with a full LED front panel as well as strobes that you can adjust to your liking using the dedicated button. You will be able to quickly enter into a festive atmosphere thanks to the design of the product which integrates the features presented above.

Everything is harmoniously integrated and you can enjoy a facade that will never be the same since it adapts to the bass of the sounds that are broadcast. It is therefore a product that takes advantage of features that can radiate light into the room and which remains very pleasant to look at when not in use.

Powerful party sound

The acoustic circuit has been greatly improved and has the advantage of generating more bass thanks to new speakers, while preserving the highs and mids, for a power of 500W. A stereo coupling with an identical model allows the need to double the power!

A Karaoke mode and a microphone with effect

You have a karaoke mode thanks to a supplied microphone that allows you to share a friendly moment with your family, to activate it just plug in the microphone and put your music on the partybox by choosing the karaoke mode. Muse has thought of everything since the built-in microphone has a good length of cable and therefore you will be perfectly able to share this microphone with your friends.

The Micro offers vocal effects that will surely amuse children and adults who will take the opportunity to sing their best hits with a modified voice. Ideal for a blind test or more seriously to correct certain faults in the voice.

The little extra: the LED front panel follows the bass volume, which is quite aesthetic and will spice up your evenings.

High compatibility for sound lovers

What is exceptional about this kit for the party is that it will satisfy everyone. Indeed, you can connect absolutely all sources thanks to equipment that we let you judge:

  • A CD player
  • Bluetooth
  • Multiple audio inputs
  • USB inputs (you can also charge your phone!)
  • Compatible with all smartphones

Buy the Muse DJ speaker if

Price: €210.04 order directly on Amazon

  • Looking for a kit for the party
  • You love sound and powerful sound!
  • You want to organize Karaoke at home
  • Looking for an affordable product, and that’s important right now!

Don’t buy it if

  • You already have a DJ kit at home!
  • You are not having any parties at your house!

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