Elon Musk, soon the first “trillionaire” in history?

The hunt for millions by the big fortunes could favor Elon Musk. The wealth of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX would even be on track to reach and exceed one trillion dollars, according to a study.

Will Elon Musk be the world’s first “trillionaire”? The businessman, who is also the richest in the world, could accumulate a fortune exceeding one trillion dollars! According to a study by Tipalti Approve, it would reach this crazy sum as early as 2024…

Over $1 trillion

Since 2017, Elon Musk’s fortune has increased by an average of 129% each year, details the study. It would be enough for this vertiginous growth to continue for his wealth to reach 1.380 billion dollars in 2024, at the age of 52. This is what makes you dream! According to the Forbes index, when Tipalti Approve published his report, the boss of Tesla was sitting on a treasure valued at 260 billion, or 70 billion more than his heir apparent, Jeff Bezos.

According to Tipalti Approve, it is above all SpaceX that will contribute to Elon Musk’s fortune in the coming years. The space launcher generates a very significant turnover, coming from commercial and governmental customers. The chief executive owns shares of SpaceX and Tesla, which make up the bulk of his wealth. When these companies are doing well, the stock price generally evolves favorably, thus contributing to increase the fortune of Musk.

But we must be careful, because what was true at the time of the study, which dates from the end of March, is no longer necessarily so today. Tech stocks plunged: Tesla stock fell from $1,145 on April 4 to $630 on Thursday, which mechanically melted Elon Musk’s fortune. The passage of the trillion is likely to be longer and more complicated than expected.

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