Electric car: Elon Musk finally tells us when Tesla’s Cybertruck will be released

News hardware Electric car: Elon Musk finally tells us when Tesla’s Cybertruck will be released

The Cybertruck has been expected for over two years, and its arrival keeps getting pushed back. An eccentric design and new promises, Elon Musk finally gives us a new indication of the potential release of Tesla’s pickup.

A potential Cybertruck release for 2023

Announced in 2019, the Cybertruck made a lot of noise during its presentation, and for good reason. Tesla has released a completely futuristic look that completely denotes the rest of the market.

During an interview with the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley, Elon Musk finally announces that the design of the machine is completely finalized. It was this point that bothered the billionaire a lot and postponed the start of production.

We need to start production. At least the design is finally locked down. We got a little carried away with the addition of new features.

In recent years, several changes have been made, such as the switch to 4-wheel directional mode allowing you to move diagonally by tilting the four wheels, or even an improved dynamic suspension system.

Initially, Elon Musk had planned the start of production for 2021, but officially pushed it back to 2022. And it is now 2023 that the boss of Tesla is aiming for, a date that should be final as the design constraints are settled.

But that wasn’t the only problem. Elon Musk makes it clear during the interview that the famous shortage of components was enough to delay the production of the beast for the next year.

And who says production at the start of 2023, says arriving on the market later in the year.

The Cybertruck, a new course for Tesla

The most prolific brand of electric cars will soon be switching to pickups, and breaking into this market is no small feat. Several players have already been established for a long time and are a bit of a reference, especially in the USA.

Ford, for example, with its F-150 model, appeals to enthusiasts who would find it very difficult to part with it. That is why Tesla had no choice but to take risks and to bet almost everything on an out-of-the-ordinary appearance in order to stand out.

The brand boasts the robustness of its all-metal frame and composed only of sharp angles, as well as its windows supposed to be ultra-resistant. One can expect endurance of around 800 kilometers for a starting price of $40,000.

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