Edge computing: Google Cloud offers MobiledgeX

Launched by Deutsche Telekom, MobiledgeX, which specializes in the development of edge computing solutions and services for operators, falls under the fold of Google’s cloud division.

Google continues to strengthen its cloud platform. After the acquisition of Siemplify and Mandiant, it is MobiledgeX’s turn to be snapped up by the Californian firm. The amount of the acquisition is not known, but all of the company’s sites and social networks have been deleted for a few days already. MobiledgeX offers a marketplace of edge computing resources and services to help operators build their own infrastructure on top of it. It also provides “device-native SDKs and matching engines that developers use to bring their cloud-native applications to the edge and take advantage of the TEC,” the company said.

MobiledgeX was launched in early 2018 by Deutsche Telekom AG and has been led since its inception by Jason Hoffman, its Chairman and CEO, and former CTO of Ericsson. The latter is now a partner at S8 Advisory Partners. Meanwhile, Leah Maher, general counsel and chief operating officer at MobiledgeX, is now employed by Google as a corporate lawyer, according to her LinkedIn profile. It is not known what happens to the other employees. On the financial side, from 2018 to 2020, the company was 100% owned by Deutsche Telekom. In 2020, Jason Hoffman specifies having carried out an external funding round with VMware, Samsung, SK Telekom, World Wide Technologies and Odin Ventures. Its headquarters are in San Jose, California. The company boasted of working with 26 operators in total, including Telefónica, Orange, BT and Deutsche Telekom.

Offer better resilience

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud, the platform developed by the eponymous firm, promises to simplify deployment, management and analysis for developers and companies that rely on trusted services within the network, particularly in terms of localization, latency, privacy and data residency. The young shoot had already been collaborating with Google Cloud for some time; the latest version of its solution includes support for Google’s Anthos cloud service on a bare metal server.

The vendor also introduced federation between all standards-based mobile edge computing platforms in its 3.1 release. This is an important development as edge application developers seek a “write once, deploy everywhere” experience in mobile network environments. Vacuumed by Google, the code of the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud solution is on the way to becoming open-source according to a Google spokesperson.

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