Dutch lawmakers to crack down on Apple again

Fifty million euros. Here is the total amount of the ten fines that Apple received in the Netherlands for not having changed its pricing policy concerning the local App Store, consisting to date of levying 27 or 30% commission on each in-app purchase. Solutions have however been proposed by the American giant, but nothing works for the moment.

Recently, Apple has in fact proposed to let publishers of dating apps offer their users a third-party payment system. But for the Dutch competition authority, this is not enough, so that new coercive measures against the defendant could be taken in the coming weeks.

An increased amount?

According to Nando Kasteleijn, journalist for public broadcasting, the regulators would thus have certainly underlined a “improvement” in the Cupertino proposals, but their synthesis is always “inadequate“. As a result, an additional penalty would then be in the cards. However, we do not yet know its price or the date when it will have to be paid to the officials, but it is a safe bet that the sum in question will be higher than previously.

And for good reason: internationally, the provocative behavior of Apple is the laughing stock of the government. Margrethe Vestager, in particular, considers that the firm is playing with European justice. It must be said that the staggering revenues from its services have something to weigh in the balance: count 7.6 billion dollars just during the period from the beginning of January to the end of March 2022. A figure certainly down from the same quarter last year, but which should continue to grow in the coming months.

Developers react

For Rick VanMeter, president of the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) defending the rights of studios publishing on iOS, this is yet more proof that Apple continues to do them wrong. The behavior of the company, which deprives them of treatment “equal and just“, is for him simply “unacceptable“. And now with multiple institutions of the same opinion (in the United States, in France, in Germany, in Japan…), the lobbyists of the accusation also have something to make their voices heard by lawmakers.

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