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© Reuters. – Apple Inc (NASDAQ: ) and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: ), two of the most popular US stocks around the world, including French investors, both hit 52-week lows yesterday. The possibility of questioning the relevance of a purchase in light of the current weakness.

Apple shares fell 1.39% to $130.03 at the close yesterday, while Tesla ended the day at $109.10, having lost 11.41% on the session.

Keep in mind that Apple stock had “a peak of $182.94 in early 2022, and therefore accumulated losses of 29% over the year last night. On the Tesla side, last night’s price should be compared to a peak in 2022 at $402.67 at the beginning of the year as well, so the 2022 loss for TSLA is currently 72.9%.

While the two stocks are being penalized by the prospect of a recession in the face of high inflation and the rise in central bank interest rates, they are also being penalized by their own factors.

For Apple, it is the supply issues affecting the production and distribution of the latest iPhone model that have caused the most concern. On Tesla’s side, the problems are manifold, including its boss Elon Musk’s unpredictability and the distraction of the Twitter takeover (NYSE: ). Regarding yesterday’s fall, it is the reduction in production in Shanghai that is to blame.

Buy option on Apple and Tesla shares?

But if analysts’ forecasts and valuation models are to be believed, temporary weakness in Apple and Tesla shares could present a buying opportunity.

In the case of Apple, actually lists 34 analysts who advise the buy, 8 who display a neutral opinion, and only 3 who issue a negative opinion. Furthermore, the average target of these analysts is $172.28, which translates into upside potential of 32.5% compared to Tuesday night’s close. The valuation models, on the other hand, are more cautious with an InvestingPro Fair Value (which synthesizes several recognized financial models) of $138.67, just 6.7% above the last close.

For Tesla, 19 analysts recommend a buy, 12 show a neutral position and 3 recommend a sell. On the other hand, the average target of these analysts, at $253.18, translates into an upside potential of 132.06%. Tesla’s InvestingPro Fair Value also invites buys, sitting at $184.47, more than 69% above Tuesday night’s close.

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