does air conditioning make you sick?

However, the first problem, air conditioning not only cools the air, it also dries it. This can cause, in the most fragile subjects but also in others if it is used excessively, irritation of the nasal passages, as well as dehydration. Doctor Matthieu Calafione, interviewed by Franceinfo, confirms this: “The principle of air conditioning is to recycle and cool the air while drying it. Hence the appearance of eye or nasal irritation, itching, a desire to sneeze, epistaxis (nosebleeds) or the formation of crusts. Eye irritation particularly affects people who wear contact lenses. To mitigate this risk of drying out, some devices are equipped with an air humidifier.

Second point, would air conditioning promote the spread of viruses? The consumer information and defense journal Que Choisir highlights as obvious that closed-circuit air conditioning, which only stirs the air (just like fans), offers better circulation of a virus. So there is a risk when a virus is present in space. The site specifies that “there are no precautions to take if everyone is healthy”.

In addition, according to Dr. Wassim Labaki, professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan, quoted by the Huffington Post, “air conditioners are likely to harbor infectious or allergenic organisms, such as dust mites, so it is essential to Maintain these devices and change the filter regularly to prevent the circulation of stale air. »

Finally, the third point, the risk of rheumatism or joint pain. During long journeys in the car or in the office, do not direct the flow of cold air towards you, this would expose you to “torticollis and other neuralgia”, indicates Le Midi Libre. The effect of cold makes the muscles more rigid and can lead to contracture. Working on a computer with cold air on your neck is the winning duo that will take you straight to the physio!

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