Doctolib implicated for its “promotion” of alternative medicine

11:28 a.m., Aug 22, 2022, amended at 11:34 a.m., Aug 22, 2022

Should the Doctolib platform put on an equal footing access to contracted doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine? The question has been agitating social networks since doctors were surprised at naturopathic consultations offered by the platform. “I discovered while typing by chance that you offer consultations… naturopathy. […] Do you realize that your seal validates them? »challenges a resuscitator on Twitter, pointing in particular to consultations with unrecognized practitioners at 80 €.

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Doctors warn in particular against the profiles of certain accessible naturopaths who practice self-healing, Reiki treatments, or iridology which claims to be “medicine” through the iris of the eye. Of the “therapeutic methods” which fall under “sectarian excesses” according to Miviludes, the interministerial mission of vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations. The debate has ignited the web, Twitter followers engaging in a veritable “hunt” for the most unlikely alternative medicines accessible on the platform.

Doctolib quickly reacted on social networks by explaining, at first, that it was not its role to settle these debates. “On this subject, society is changing and, for example, certain patient associations are promoting access to complementary therapies. We consider that it is not the role of Doctolib to settle these debates”.

Doctolib maintains the vagueness

A statement that has provoked hostile reactions from many doctors present on social networks who accuse the platform of maintaining confusion and of not making any specific communication when it comes to “non-health professionals”.

Doctolib tried to calm the situation by publishing a second more detailed answer in which it gives details, but continues to place the sole responsibility on patients who seek this type of “specialty”.: “We would like to point out that it is impossible to make an appointment with a practitioner not listed by the Ministry of Health without having expressly sought to do so”. The platform thus claims to be “intransigent on the illegal practice of medicine”. And announces exchanges on the subject with the Order of Physicians, the unions and the Ministry of Health in order to “keep improving” its services.

For critical caregivers on Twitter, even if Doctolib is the French number 1 for online appointments, the platform has every interest in continuing to maintain the vagueness to continue to attract practitioners of alternative medicine, because the latter could be referencing on other sites, even more flexible in terms of reception.

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