Doctolib accused of promoting alternative medicine

The platform believes that it is not its responsibility to “slice” the debate on alternative medicine.

Is Doctolib supposed to list naturopaths, and other professionals of “alternative medicine»? The question agitated some Internet users last weekend, denouncing the presence on the health appointment booking platform of people who do not exercise a regulated activity.

Doctolib is made available to health professionals whose activity is governed by the Public Health Code, but also to osteopaths and psychologists. The platform can also be used by professionals whose activity falls into the category “welfare“, which are not referenced and whose activity and prices are much freer.

It is this last category that is debated, since Doctolib has, since its central participation in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, “an institutional veneer“, emphasizes to the Parisian Tristan Mendès-France, lecturer at the University of Paris.

On the platform, it is thus possible to make an appointment for a session of hypnosis, naturopathy, sophrology or neurofeedback (supposed to allow the individual to control his neuronal activity).

Review of reports

Doctolib responded to the criticism in a series of posts on Twitter. The platform thus estimates that “society is changing and, for example, some patient associations are promoting access to complementary therapies. We consider that it is not the role of Doctolib to settle these debates“. Doctolib adds that these alternative professions represent a marginal share of listed users (3%) and that the site mentions several times “this practitioner practices an unregulated profession” and “their degree is not recognized by the state“.

Doctolib, on the other hand, specified that reports made on social networks by Internet users would be examined.


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