Doctolib, accused of endangering the health of its users by offering alternative medicine

By Audrey L. Posted Aug 21, 2022 9:58 AM

Doctolib is incriminated for “promoting alternative medicine” by angry health professionals, who accuse the platform of endangering the health of its users. The debate began this Friday, August 19, 2022 following a tweet that set fire to the powder and awakened the duality conventional medicine / alternative medicine…

The debate of the week – Doctolibthe No. 1 in medical appointments online, has drawn the wrath of health professionals. In question, the integration into the platform of practitioners who are not state-certified doctors. White coats accuse the site of “promoting alternative medicine“, endangering the health of its users.

The controversy began following a tweet this Friday, August 19, 2022: “I discovered by typing by chance that you offer consultations … naturopathy. It’s as if blablacar had opened an Emile Louis section. You want exterminate people? Do you realize that your sigil validates them?

A criticism to which Doctolib hastened to reply that “society evolves“and that these complementary therapies make sense in some patients. The group does not consider itself in any way legitimate to decide on the beliefs and wishes of each, and “resolve these debates“.”We have ongoing discussions with representatives of the Council of the Order and the Unions to ensure that we give the right level of information to patients and this on all healthcare professionals“, justifies Doctolib.

This exchange set fire to the powder and since then, hundreds of messages from doctors angry overwhelming Doctolib surge on Twitter, like a real digital trial.

Nowadays, Doctolib lists 70 million users in Europe. The platform has almost become essential for doctors.

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