Do you know Philippe Etchebest’s tea towel trick for an unmistakable mayonnaise?

Who hasn’t missed their mayonnaise at least once? To prevent this from happening to you, discover Chef Etchebest’s four tips for having a creamy and delicious mayonnaise. It’s a cheap recipe that can be prepared quickly with ingredients that can be easily found at home!

“It’s good, delicious and so much better when it’s homemade”says the chef.
Mayonnaise is one of the essential recipes that you must know how to reproduce at home, it’s simple, fast and today Philippe Etchebest reveals to us its tricks to make it a success and delight all gourmets in his latest Youtube Mentor video. This mayonnaise can be used as a base for salad, to accompany delicious fries and even prawns. To your whips, go!

Philippe Etchebest’s inescapable mayonnaise recipe

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For 4 people

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 15 g Dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp. white spirit vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 20 cl of sunflower oil


To start, take a bowl. Add the vinegar first, then the salt and pepper.
🍴Tip from the chef : you have to put the salt in the vinegar at the beginning, because it will dissolve in it and not in the oil! It is important.

Then add the mustard, strong, less strong or old-fashioned.

Mix everything with a whisk.

Separate your whites from the yolks. Keep the whites.

Add your yolks to the preparation (vinegar, salt and pepper). Mix everything.

🍴Tip from the chef : put a tea towel under your pothole, all around to form a nest. This will allow you to tarnish the bowl well to prevent it from “walking everywhere”, because one of your hands will be busy tarnishing the bottle of oil and the other holding the whisk. If you are not alone, get help to hold the bowl.

Place your tea towel and begin to slowly pour in the oil.
🍴 Chef’s tip: what’s important is to pour a little trickle, by little touch.


🍴Chef’s tip: you have to stop from time to time so as not to saturate the mixture with the oil.

🍴Tip from the chef : do not go too fast, at the risk of slicing the mayonnaise.

Take a break, and continue to add oil in a trickle and resume the operation. Finish by giving it a good quick whiplash to tighten it (make sure it’s firm) and you’re done! Of course you can add herbs to this recipe, do as you like!

Philippe Etchebest – Cook well accompanied with my Mentor method

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