Do you have leg pain? It could be a sign of cancer

Caution is in order. If you feel pain in your legs, it is better to worry about it because you could have testicular cancer.

Leg pain in men is common, and in most cases it is usually harmless. But for some people, it could be a warning sign of testicular cancer.

As revealed by a study, the conclusions of which were relayed by the Sun, the symptoms are generally visible in the private parts. Those who suffer from it observe a painless, swollen lump in one of the testicles or a change in shape or texture. But be careful because the telltale signs would not only be at this level. According to several experts, leg pain could also be a warning sign.

“When a tumor spreads to the lymph node, it can restrict blood flow through the veins and lead to a blood clot. Clots often occur in the legs, causing them to swell”explained oncologist Timothy Gilligan while recalling that it was possible to feel difficulty in breathing.

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Surgical removal

Treatment tends to involve surgical removal of the affected testicle. If both testicles are removed then the patient will become sterile but some men choose to save their sperm before this happens. After surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy is used to treat testicular cancer if further treatment is needed.

As a reminder, not all testicular masses are cancerous. However, it is strongly recommended to consult your general practitioner when in doubt. In France, for the year 2018, the estimated number of new cases of testicular cancer was 2,769 and the estimated number of deaths was 86, according to data from Public Health France.

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