Disney hires an Apple Arcade manager for the metaverse

Mark Bozon leaves Apple and joins Disney. He was one of the heads of Apple Arcade and worked for the iPhone maker for 12 years. He agreed to join Mickey’s group.

Departure from Apple to join Disney and its metaverse

Mark Bozon announced his departure from Apple on May 20, but he did not specify where he would go. “I’m headed for a dream job and can’t wait to talk about it soon”, he simply said, before thanking his colleagues at Apple. Today, Variety reports that the executive is leaving for Disney.

His role at Disney will be as a creative lead for the group’s “Next Generation Storytelling” initiative, which encompasses Disney’s metaverse ambitions. He will be responsible for driving the creative vision and turning that strategy into executable plans. He will need to build a multidisciplinary team that will work with Disney’s businesses in games, movies, television, toys, parks and more to provide consumers with interconnected experiences.

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