Discover the trick to block unwanted ads on Google

Google has finally taken the decision to allow its users to block certain ads on Youtube, Gmail, etc.

A new feature that does not always work

Ads on pregnancy, education, dating, weight loss, parenting may disappear from our web pages. In 2020, the web giant had already made the decision to hide ads related to alcohol and gambling. The intrusive and harmful character had been frowned upon by users, so they were heard. Be careful, if these categories of advertisements are better filtered, they will not completely disappear. Indeed, you can still see a couple of lovers on a chewing gum ad but more for a dating app.

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have more control

Google is not going to generalize this option, so you will have to activate it yourself. Go to the ad settings and then to “sensitive ad categories”. Click on “fewer ads”. You can disable this setting if you change your mind. Other categories may be subject to moderation: We will continue to listen to user feedback and investigate categories to which we can expand this feature in the future. “, explained Karin Hennessy, product manager at Google. He concluded : ” Google seeks to give people more control over their ad experience “.

We can see this project in a good light because we can finally control our exposure to content that can make us uncomfortable or trigger reactions in us. But advertisers also find it because they can better target their audience with ads that better match the potential buyer.

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