disappointing level of play, conspiracy to win Messi, racist chants… why this Argentinian team feels very alone

The French team will meet Argentina on Sunday in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. An over-motivated South American team presents itself against the Blues and despite various and varied criticisms and even controversies.

A historic match between France and Argentina. The Blues of Didier Deschamps will try to win their second title in a row this Sunday against the Albiceleste in the final of the World Cup (from 16:00 live commentary on the site and the RMC Sport app). Conversely, Lionel Messi and the South Americans hope to end a 36-year drought since the coronation of Diego Maradona in 1986.

If the French were not favorites to win the final, given the many absentees in the group, the Argentines benefited from great odds before the start of the tournament. However, the Tricolores finally proved to be the most attractive during the stay in Qatar, while the selection led by Lionel Scaloni was the subject of criticism until its qualification for the final.

>> France-Morocco (2-0)

The Blues meet Argentine “vice”

The French team beat Morocco in the semi-finals without conceding a goal for the first time in the World Cup. But the Blues have at times struggled to respond to the physical challenge of the Atlas Lions. Especially after returning from the dressing room, when the contacts were more intense and the Mexican referee allowed play. A member of the Dream Team RMC Sport, Eric Di Meco sees this as cause for concern against the Argentinians, who are a bit of a trickster and have a lot of experience when it comes to outwitting the opposition or pushing him to the limit.

“The Argentinians are very superior because they also have the vices that come with it. And then they have qualities. They were among the favorites and are not there by chance. I think they have learned the lesson from this, what we did by them four years ago, estimated the former tricolor defenseman with 23 picks. They might want to erase what they had done wrong and might also try to blow us away. I don’t think we should go into this game, we can don’t win against these guys.”

A (too) rudimentary game

Like France in 2018, Argentina were able to be very effective during the World Cup in Qatar. Apart from the initial defeat against Saudi Arabia (1-2) and Lautaro Martinez’s failures, the Albiceleste did not multiply the chances, but scored at least two goals per game. match. Behind a Lionel Messi on a mission, helped by the young Julian Alvarez, the game of the 2021 Copa America winners remains quite limited.

Since the start of the World Cup, Lionel Messi has been on the heels of Kylian Mbappé in terms of involvement in offensive actions (45 for the Frenchman and 43 for the South American). Following Antoine Griezmann and Théo Hernandez with 30 and 29 appearances respectively on occasions, the second Argentine only points to tenth place.

With 26 actions leading to a shot, Rodrigo De Paul finds himself behind Aurélien Tchouameni (ninth with 27 chances). It’s simple, the game practiced by this Argentinian team sometimes resembles that of Atlético de Madrid’s version ‘Cholo’ Simeone. Solid, rough football, sometimes bordering on fair play, but always damn dangerous.

During the controlled semi-final against Croatia (3-0), Lionel Scaloni even lined up four central midfielders (De Paul, Paredes, Fernandez and Mac Allister) to block the advances of the Brozovic-Modric-Kovacic trio. This paid off as Argentina finally sealed a big win without conceding a single goal.

Martinez: ‘It’s us against the rest of the world’

On the occasion of this World Cup in Qatar, Argentina is the team that has received the most talk on social networks. In his weekly analysis for RMC Sport, Visibrain showed the incredible popularity of the Albiceleste among internet users … or rather that the South American team was the main topic of conversation and criticism. And apparently the attacks against the group served to encourage the Argentine players.

“When we lost the first game, nothing was real, people doubted us when we were on a 36-game unbeaten streak. Against Mexico, the first half was not so great. Everyone wanted to see us lose,” said goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez after qualifying. to the final.”It’s us against the rest of the world. I’m so happy. We’re a group of 26 fighters with 45 million Argentines behind us.”

Pro-Messi help that makes conspirators fantasize

All against Argentina… maybe not. If the conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Fifa has clearly chosen to favor the Albiceleste. Why? To win Lionel Messi and allow him to add the World Cup to his huge list.

In the eyes of supporters and even certain football stars or the president of Croatia, the generous or “imaginary” penalties awarded to the South American team. Especially since ‘La Pulga’ behind this alleged refereeing in favor of Argentina scored four of his five planted goals during the World Cup.

An attitude between camaraderie and arrogance

In Europe, sporting rivalries have sometimes made France the enemy of many elections. From the Belgian seum to the crazy duels with England, Italy, Germany or even Spain, the French are sometimes accused of a kind of arrogance. The Albiceleste are not to be outdone, especially during the competition in Qatar. After winning on penalties against the Netherlands, the Argentines settled their accounts with the Batavians. From Louis Van Gaal, who had tried to put pressure on the South American marksmen, to Wout Weghorst, there was no need to pressure Nicolas Otamendi’s partners too much to loosen up. Even Lionel Messi let go after the final whistle.

“What are you looking at, fool? Get over there, fool,” the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner swung at the Dutchman. If only one sentence was broadcast on TV, the PSG star already insulted his rival before the start of the filmed sequence.

Football often shows bad losers after a defeat, but Argentina may have deserved a bad title winner at the 2022 World Cup. After their qualification for the final and a quiet success against Vatreni, Lionel Scaloni’s gang beat Brazil, eliminated in the previous round by the Croatians, on the restart a mocking song.

Argentina players celebrated their qualification to the World Cup finals by resuming a mocking chant against the Brazilians in the dressing room on Tuesday after their victory against Croatia (3-0).

“The Brazilians, what happened, sing in chorus the future opponents of the Blues. The five-time world champion is completely crumpled. Messi went to Rio and left with the cup (Copa América in 2021). We are the Argentine group and we will always cheer, because we have the dream of becoming world champion. That’s how I am, I’m Argentine, damn English from the Falkland Islands, I don’t forget. That’s how I am, I come to encourage you, I’m Argentina everywhere.”

An overconfidence was also felt in the chants from the fans recorded by the players and staff.

When the Blues ignite on the tube Freed from lust of Gala, the Argentines sway their hips and vote for Muchachosan ode in honor of Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and all this selection that excites almost 46 million of their countrymen.

Supporters’ racist chant against Mbappé

Apart from a great confidence, bordering on excess, the Albiceleste anthem has nothing objectionable. Quite the opposite of a shameful song sung by some supporters on the sidelines of the tournament.

A few days before the start of the match in Qatar, South American fans who arrived in Doha shocked with a chant clearly aimed at Kylian Mbappé and several other French players. Live on TV, these pseudo-supporters hurled racist insults at the Blues and the PSG forward.

“Spread the rumor, they play in France, but all come from Angola. How beautiful they are, they run. document, nationality: French”, shouted these South American supporters during a duplex of the TyC Sports channel.

A vile attack on the striker from the French team, which sadly translates the fear he inspires in admirers of Argentina. Author of a double in the crazy game of 2018, Kylian Mbappé is still as terrifying four years later. The best answer, shine in the final and offer a third title to France.

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