Disability: Apple shows the accessibility features of its devices in a video

To celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities, this Saturday, December 3, Apple uploaded a video showing everything that’s possible today with accessibility features. A touching clip that also raises awareness of the courage shown by millions of people around the world every day.

When we talk about technology, we regularly highlight the social divide that divides the world between those who have access to the digital world and those who cannot. But we also forget the people who have to overcome their disability on a daily basis to live with it. It is to all these people that Apple has dedicated a special clip entitled “The Greatest”, reminding us how important accessibility for all is, even in a digital world. A video reflecting World Day of People with Disabilities, which takes place on Saturday 3 December.

At the same time, the Apple brand is taking advantage of this day to requisition the employees of its Apple Store, as they will provide free demonstrations of the various accessibility features on different devices. Because since the 1980s, Apple has developed a wide range of tools to support people with their disabilities.

Valuable daily aids

Today, for example, we can discover aids for sight problems, like the magnifying glass effect to enlarge characters on the iPhone or the VoiceOver system to read texts to the visually impaired; likewise for voice commands on the iPhone and the head and facial expression tracking system on the Mac to replace the mouse for people who couldn’t use it; or AssistiveTouch, which allows you to perform complex actions on an iPhone or iPad with a single touch, after activating it with Siri.

Apple also shows off the audio recognition systems available on the iPhone and Apple Watch, which allow the hearing impaired to be notified of a noise, an alarm or even a baby’s cry by a visual notification. Finally, the video clip shows a new functionality that makes it possible to recognize what is written on a door to guide a blind or partially sighted person.

Jack Grealish celebration

In France, almost 2.8 million people suffer from at least one functional limitation, according to the CNSA, and their daily life can be disrupted.

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