DIRECT. Apple Keynote: iOS, MacOS, new products… follow the event


The Messages application is revolutionizing

Three features are coming. It becomes possible to modify an iMessage sent but also to cancel the sending in the event of a blunder. The SharePlay entertainment sharing service also lands on Messages.


The display of notifications evolves

With “live activities”, notifications will be displayed live on the locked screen. They will also be more discreet at the bottom of the screen.


The floor is with Craig Federighi, the vice president in charge of software

We start with iOS 16. The focus is on customization. The locked screen has the right to its complete facelift. It becomes possible to change the color of the clock or the date. But also to add widgets directly.


Let’s go for this 2022 edition

The keynote opens with a video by Tim Cook paying tribute to developers and their qualities as coders.


It starts a little earlier with a first surprise!

No recorded video, everyone is there in the flesh.


The online Apple Store is closed

Is this a sign of an imminent device announcement? Unlike previous editions of WWDC, the online store has closed.


An event organized outside and with a mask

We are not kidding with the Covid at Apple. The broadcast of the keynote, which has been pre-recorded, will take place outside. Hundreds of chairs and deckchairs were placed in front of a giant screen.

Masks were given to the guests, still against the Covid-19. Caps too, to protect yourself from the sun this time.


A conference broadcast live


Welcome to this live dedicated to the WWDC opening keynote

We will make you live from Apple Park the announcements of the Californian giant which invited developers and the media for its annual high mass.

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