Didier Deschamps enjoys Blues’ win against England: “A collective force emerges”

“Does the state of mind shown by the Blues remind you of 2018?
There is a power there, but above all it depends on the results. The game before (against Poland 3-1) had to switch to the right side. Today’s is even more meaningful. Of course there are a lot of things that come up that materialize. We must not lose that, but we must not take ourselves for what we are not either. You must maintain humility.

I am very proud of this group, for all the moments we spend together on a daily basis. It makes me happy to see them like this. And the best cement to make all this happen is results, qualifications. The quality is not enough, in this group there is also the mind, and perhaps also a little experience. I have young players who are a collective force that emerges from the start. It always comes down to a few things at this level. To have shaken the match like that and to have stood against it until the end, that is what is needed in a World Cup.

Do you realize that double is getting closer?
We’re halfway through, we won’t see each other at the end. We are getting close, but the next stage, very important for us to believe in it, goes through Wednesday (against Morocco). We will be satisfied with what we have done, but not satisfied with it. The history of the title holders was quite negative so far, we can be pleased to have turned the tide, this is a very good thing. But there is still an important step to take on Wednesday. Few could expect Morocco in the semi-finals of the World Cup. But from what they’ve done, it’s no longer a surprise. They deserve to be there. Like us, they will have the opportunity to play for their place in the final. It is their merit, no one can take it away from them.

The chairman of the federation Noël Le Graët had said that you would have your hands on a contract extension in the event of the semi-final. Do you want to extend?
I have two hands, huh! (Laughter). I have the hand, well I decide (smile). I’m already halfway there and we’ll see. Everything in its time. It is really good to achieve the goals. The president is happy. Many people are happy tonight. But I will enjoy being in the final four again. I think about Wednesday, I don’t think about other things.


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