Did Google really offer $500 to its users?

News hardware Did Google really offer $500 to its users?

Some Internet users had the excellent surprise of discovering that they had a voucher for 500 euros to be used on the Google Store, but they were quickly disillusioned when they discovered that it was actually a bug. Shame !

If it were necessary to illustrate the definition of emotional elevator, there is no doubt that some Internet users would use a screenshot of the Google Store for it. Indeed, on May 2, many visitors to Google’s online store, which notably allows you to acquire a Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6 Pro, had the surprise to discover that their Google account was in credit of 500 dollars. In other words, the Mountain View company seemed to make them a very nice gift to allow them to buy its products.

500 dollars, and then nothing

Of course, as one might suspect, the offer was too good to be true. It was actually a bug that affected a small portion of the site’s users: as 9to5Google explains, the owners of a Google account on which a credit, even a minimal one dollar, was present at the time of their visit to the Google Store, saw the sum of $500 displayed instead of the actual amount. People with 0 dollar credit were not affected by the bug.

The screenshots show that the $500 credit appears on the store page, but it disappears on the account page, where only $2.90 is present, which is the actual amount that has the user.

Did Google really offer $500 to its users?

A bug related to an update

The problem would have happened following the update carried out by Google within its online store, which got a recent, and welcome, refresh for most users. Some even thought that this generous credit was a surprise gift for the first customers of this new version.

The disappointment is great for many Internet users, but the conclusion is not so surprising: it is difficult to imagine Google giving such a generous gift, even if we are entitled to dream a little.

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