Deleting Our Smart Home Configurations For Alexa, Siri And Google Assistant

CNET’s smart home was a mess. That’s not to say there was dirt and trash everywhere. It was a digital mess. We’d used it as a testing ground for years, adding new devices and seeing how they performed with the three major smart home platforms. Accordingly, our smart home configurations for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant were overloaded with ghosts of past gadgets.

With spring upon us, we decided it was time to give the smart home a fresh start. The clutter of older appliances also made it harder to test new gadgets, as we couldn’t put a new smart display in the kitchen without encountering a million other appliances we had dubbed “Kitchen Display” at one point or another. another.

You might have encountered similar issues if you have a lot of gadgets in your smart home, especially if you’ve added and removed different devices over the years. Sometimes, even if you delete the old device called “Living Room Lamp”, your smart assistant will still be confused when trying to control the new version of a device with the same name.

Watch the video above to see the process in action. We also go over smaller-scale maintenance, like removing an individual device in the video. If you’re sure you’re ready for a full reset, here are the steps for each wizard.


  • Head to on a computer. Note: You cannot use the app for this process; you need the web interface.
  • In the left menu, tap smart home
  • Then click on Devices
  • Scroll down and tap Delete all then confirm.

You can and probably should do it too with Scenes in the left plane, or it will keep the scenes you set up with your old gadgets.


  • Open the Residence app
  • Push the button Residence on the top corner left
  • Reach Home Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Delete homepage

Note that this eliminates all devices, scenes, and automations. It’s even more comprehensive than Amazon’s.

Google Assistant

With Google, you can use the app, but if you’ve given other family members access to your smart home, you’ll need to remove them first before you can remove the home.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Reach Settings
  • Then press Household
  • Now tap on each family member and delete it

Once done, you can delete the house.

  • Go back to settings
  • Faucet Delete this homepage
  • Then confirm by pressing To delete

With the houses removed, you can start building each one from scratch to fit your current setup without worrying about phantom data messing up jobs. Again, watch the video above for a smaller scale maintenance and walkthrough for factory resetting your smart speakers.

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