Cyberphone is a smartphone directly inspired by the Cybertruck, discover it in video

A designer named Waqar Khan has posted renderings of the Cyberphone, a smartphone inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, on YouTube and Twitter. This original concept goes against the current trend.

Credit: @WaqarKhanHD

Rumor has it that Elon Musk could create his own smartphone to compete with iPhones and other Android devices. If the tycoon really intends to make this somewhat crazy idea a reality, he might consider enlisting the services of Waqar Khan, smartphone designer and prolific Youtuber in his state. In his latest post, the creator shares a revealing video a mobile phone concept directly inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Breaking with a current trend that favors ever more rounded angles, The cyberphone is as angular as possible. It applies feature-for-feature the retro-futuristic aesthetic of Tesla’s future open-bed off-road utility. The back of the device thus reproduces each of the projecting edges; the only element that protrudes from the body of the device is a photo module with three lenses. The video also shows the device in multiple colorswhile the Cybertruck will only be available in one color beforehand.

The Cyberphone is a smartphone concept that copies the angular design of Tesla’s Cybertruck

As if the inspiration for Cyberphone wasn’t obvious enough, Me Khan made sure to print American company logo on the back of his device. The front of the device is more mundane with extremely thin bezels and a notch that houses the selfie camera. The video posted on YouTube shows us the concept from all angles, but the designer did us the favor of posting another gallery of renderings on Twitter.

The vehicle that inspired the Cyberphone, the Cybertruck, is arguably the most anticipated car in the world. Although the start of production has been repeatedly postponed and its technical specifications are now less ambitious, 1.5 million people have already pre-ordered it. According to Tesla’s CEO, the order books are full for the next three years.

Source: Twitter

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