“Customers have a new way of consuming”, assures the director of Bertrand Restauration

Restoration is back in France! The Bertrand Restauration group owns 450 establishments and manages 10,000 employees in France. If the name of this 25-year-old French group may not mean anything to you, several of its emblematic brands will refresh your memory: la Coupole, le Procope, the Lipp brasserie in Paris, but also Hippopotamus or Burger King. Christelle Grisoni, Managing Director of Bertrand Restauration, was the guest of France moves Monday. “We see the recovery, it is obvious. For a month now, we have had no more constraints” linked to the Covid-19 crisis, she explains at the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag. “We have an influx of customers, especially in Paris, who want to go out.”

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A craze that is reflected in the frequentation of restaurants. “We are seeing a fairly dazzling recovery in Paris, especially in our Parisian brasseries and restaurants, with a return of Parisian customers, but also tourists, French and international”, she continues. In Paris, the general manager specifies that her group “has already exceeded the activity of 2019”. Elsewhere in France, the recovery is softer, in particular in the Hippopotamus or Léon brands, where the group “sees that it is more progressive”, even if “we are gradually tending to return to an activity close to 2019”.

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