Covid: what symptoms can strike up to 18 months after infection?

The most common type affects women more frequently than men. Children, too, are not spared by what is now called the long Covid.

Two and a half years later, the covid still and always makes the headlines. While of new variants threaten to expand the 7th wave until this winter, studies continue to fall in all corners of the world. Highlighting in particular a facet still little known – lack of hindsight obliges – although widespread of the disease: the long covid. This infection and these symptoms which can strike for many months after infection or even for more than a year. This is revealed by two publications published online on August 12.

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One in four hospitalized children suffer from symptoms up to four months after infection

The first, published in the journal Pediatrics, was conducted by the University of Colorado and Boston Children’s Hospital. In particular, it reveals that one in four children hospitalized for covid Where PIMS-Covid presents symptoms persistent or impaired activity up to four months after infection.

Another Norwegian study reveals that almost half of patients with mild Covid show symptoms up to 1 year after infection. 46% of 233 patients followed showed symptoms 12 months after infection. 27% of them suffered in particular from fatigue21% of memory problems20% of concentration problems and 10% ofshortness of breath.

18 months after infection, 18.7% of women still suffered from memory problems compared to 9.6% of men.

According to the researchers who authored the study, these disorders raise some concern: “Although sometimes perceived as vague symptoms, not always recognized by health systems, cognitive symptoms can have a significant impact on daily activity and work performance”.

I have interviewed people who have suffered from long Covid since spring 2020.

COVID’s long shadow: Symptoms may last 2 to 18 months

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