Covid: what is this drug used to fight cancer very effective on seriously ill patients?

It could reduce the risk of death for patients with Covid-19 by 55%.

New progress in the fight against the Covid. Researchers have reported in the New England Journal of Medicine Wednesday that a drug had proven effective in helping patients hospitalized with Covid-19.

it’s about the sabizabulina drug used in the treatment of cancer marketed by the American pharmaceutical company Veru.

The study was carried out on 134 patients receiving oxygen or being intubated. They presented other mortality risk factors such as obesity or high blood pressure.

It reduces lung inflammation

And the results are impressive: more than 45% of people who took a placebo drug died, compared to about 20% of people taking sabizabulin, i.e. a 55% reduction in the overall risk of death.

The drug would act reducing life-threatening lung inflammation on these Covid patients.

Faced with its startling results, Veru, the developer of sabizabulin, asked the US drug authority for a emergency clearance to be able to administer his medicine on a large scale.

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