Covid: what are the main symptoms reported by patients affected by the BA.5 variant?

While the BA.5 variant is the majority in France, an update on the main symptoms reported by patients.

While 87,562 Covid-positive cases have been recorded in the past 24 hours by Public Health France, we know more about the symptoms of the BA.5 variant, which has been the majority in France for several weeks.

The first data reported by Public Health France reported several main symptoms: fatigue (72% of cases), cough and fever (56%), headaches (50%), runny nose (49 %), body aches (39%), sore throat (38%), nausea and vomiting (17%), loss of taste and smell (16%), diarrhea (15%), difficulty breathing (14 %).

But an additional symptom occurs regularly according to immunologist Luke O’Neil, of Trinity College Dublin. In an interview given to Irish radio Newstalk and taken up by Femina, the expert mentions night sweats.

Sore throat, the most common symptom?

“The disease is slightly different because the virus has changed, he said There’s some immunity to that, obviously with T cells and so on, and that mix of your immune system and the virus being slightly different might give rise to a slightly different illness, night sweats being strangely enough a feature But, and this is very important, if you are vaccinated and given the booster it does not progress to serious illness, it That’s the message that we have to keep reminding people of.”

For his part, Professor Tim Spector, indicated that another common symptom is specific to the BA.5 variant. It is a sore throat, which has become, according to data from the “Covid ZOE” analysis application, the symptom most reported by patients. “If you have cold symptoms right now, it’s more likely to be Covid”, said Tim Spector, quoted by The Mirror.

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