Covid: what are the four new vaccines?

Covid: what are the four new vaccines?
The French vaccine from Sanofi is expected this fall. © Adobe stock

Four new vaccines are expected in September-October, including that of Sanofi and that of a new Spanish laboratory. Are they more effective than the previous ones?

Sanofi’s expected vaccine

The French recombinant protein vaccine is waited for a year. Sanofi filed a request marketing authorization in last march. It should be authorized this fall. In a press release at the end of June, the French group affirms thata booster dose is efficient to the height of 72% against symptomatic forms with the Omicron variant.

The Spanish Hipra vaccine

The Spanish vaccine is also recombinant protein. In a press release published on July 19, the Hipra laboratory assures that a increase of the antibody neutralizers against Omicron BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 was observed 14 days after the administration of the vaccine as a booster dose in previously vaccinated participants”. The European Commission signed a contract for 250 million doses of Hipra. However, the Spanish firm is still waiting for the green light from the EMA.

Pfizer/BioNTech adapted to Omicron

Pfizer’s vaccine has adapted its formula to Omicron and its subvariants. It resulted in “responses of antibodies significantly higher neutralizers against Omicron BA.1”. However, the impact is lesser against BA.5. The US Federal Medicines Agency (FDA) asked the laboratory to develop a version adapted to BA.5 in order to improve performance. This second version of the vaccine is being reviewed by theEuropean agency medicine (EMA) since July 22.

The new Moderna vaccine against Omicron

Moderna also worked on a version more efficient of its vaccine against Omicron and its sub-variants. In a press release, Moderna assures that this new vaccine “resulted in significantly neutralizing headlines higher against BA.4/5 compared to (that) currently authorised”. Like that of Pfizer/BioNTech, the EMA has been studying the file for this new formula since July 22.

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